Let It Pour

Today, can be circled in my calendar as the day I went from sweet tooth to meat lover, athletic to elite, and hard worker to hard player —Today marks the first week of change. Last Saturday I met with a woman to help guide me through the do’s and don’ts of figure dieting and competition. I came away with a plan for my diet and two upcoming shows in April and May. To ensure my personal success and of course, obligation, I’ve registered for my NPC card and even told my random acquaintances at the gym of my endeavors. I’ve taken every step to ensure my commitment to success—but only my personal success.

As I tell my own personal training clients after doing their initial fitness assessment, the numbers don’t matter. What matters is the hard work we do to change those numbers to consistently better ourselves. Some numbers will go up and others will go down, but what needs to stay constant is the dedication we bring to the table. We only compete with the person in the mirror, and only work towards our own personal goals, no anyone else’s.

Honestly, the first week of change was the biggest pain in my butt! I had cut out all dairy and wheat from my diet and upped my eating to 7-8x a day—talk about keeping yourself busy! I couldn’t even go to a class without pulling out chicken and broccoli at 10am in the morning. If I wasn’t eating, I was cooking my next meal, and soon Costco became a weekly errand. (Thank god for buying in bulk.) One would think that this change in lifestyle would become very expensive, and surely when you get a receipt for $180 for meat you may freak out! However, you have to think about all those daily coffees adding up to $20 per week, or the lunch/dinner dates when the weekend comes around the corner—there goes 50 bucks. It all adds up quickly, but with credit and debit cards at the tip of our fingers it’s easy to pretend that the purchase never even occurred — what you don’t see can’t hurt you, ouch!

My biggest realization this week came when I went out for a coffee date with my boyfriend, Brendan. And No, not real coffee, I meant more on the lines of Mocha Lattes and warm Dutch chocolate chip cookies. And No— I didn’t indulge or “cheat,” I took a deep breath and asked for a Peach Ginger tea. Not as good as the latte, but depends who you ask. The date was the perfect getaway from work and school, and we finally got to catch up on life. We talked about my diet change, and the upcoming months of events, such as our one-year anniversary, Valentines Day, his birthday, Military Ball, and the celebration of our graduation from college, and the one thing they all had in common was food. I could tell he was bummed out about not taking me out for our anniversary or Valentines Day, because let’s be real here, I couldn’t order anything off the menu. I told him we’d have to be creative, hah, but with that I couldn’t help take notice to the many obstacles that lay ahead.

As the country singer Dolly Parton once said, “the way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.” And with that, let it pour because 12 weeks of rain never hurt anyone.

It was my first time learning how to pose…it’s a work in progress!


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