Dexa Scan

Last week I was privileged enough to get a Dexa Scan done. Northeastern University has some awesome high-tech machines and facilities, that my good friend Missy let me take advantage of. The Dexa scanner, which actually measures your bone mineral density, gives you an almost accurate calculation of your lean mass, body fat, and bone mass. The Dexa scan is based on the method of X-ray Spectrophotometry, which for all intensive purposes means I went an got a high-tech X-ray. After laying still for 5 minutes, I got my results:  have 77.7% lean tissue, 19.1% fat tissue (could be worse), and 3.1% bone mineral density—woohoo not as bad as I thought! I am hoping to make it down to around 10% for competition (I know, that is really low) so there is much work to be done.

Gotta run and eat my next meal!



One thought on “Dexa Scan

  1. I am pretty sure we have about the same exact body type. I am probably around where you are now. Back in my crazy days I was around 12% which was really lean. Make sure to keep up that muscle mass as you lose body fat. Not that I’m an expert, but that tends to be the biggest mistake that happens. Keep up the good work!

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