So these are photos that a great friend of mine, Gaby Ponce, took for me 4 weeks ago when I was 7 weeks out from my contest date. It was a great experience and Madonna’s Vogue song plays through my head every time I look through these. Also, I had to post some of the photos that my boyfriend, Brendan, and I took. He’s been such a great rock for me, and always seems to (deflated balloon sound here) my head when he thinks I need to come down to Earth a bit. That being said, why should I deflate when all I want to do is DREAM BIG!

Keep striking the pose!













10 weeks of change!











I have to keep working on my ‘Sweep’

All in all…Man, it’s been a journey…and it’s not over yet!

Traveling & Posing

Hey all!

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA (again). With school, work, a wonderful boyfriend, graduation, and competing all on my (portion controlled) plate, I’ve started to spread myself a little too thin. That being said, of course I had time to head to Vegas with my boyfriend for a family reunion…which sounds great and all except guess who had to bring a cooler across the continental United States—I DID!

I’d say the hardest part was making sure my food wouldn’t spoil. I headed to the ice machine on more occasions than one, hoping that my chicken and sweet potato pancakes were staying cold. The secret to my success was pre-planned meals for every day, in addition to bringing my own tuperware, zip-lock baggies, and my can opener—yes, you can bring that on the plane. Here was my list (to success): Food scale, pre-cooked chicken, homemade turkey jerky, pre-cooked FROZEN sweet potato pancakes (which became a great ice pack), canned tuna, and sweet potato baby food (even stage 3 makes me gag, ugh).

What about the veggies?? Well those green-fat-fighting-machines are easy to get steamed at any restaurant. Just remember to get extra so you can have some for your next meal…you have no idea how many times I heard, “Does someone need food?” as if starvation and your menstrual period were the same thing.

Working out wasn’t as much of a pain in mytookus, but the cost of using the gyms were insane—But a girls got to do, what a girls got to do. It wasn’t too bad…I ended up winning some loot to cover for my crazy traveling fitness costs.

On my last day, I managed to do some posing. Besides my reflective skin, I think my back is coming along…now if I could just remember to bring my arms down a bit 🙂

4 Weeks and counting!


Ahhh! I had a EUREKA moment the other day while practicing posing! I can’t tell you how good it feels to have figured out something that I have been trying to “master” for the past two months—the shoulder pop! So with all that excitement…I promise pictures will come…but until then here is my most recent measurements: