Final Week…Just Keep Swimming…

Let’s just start with this: I didn’t think it was going to be this hard! I mean HARD! People warned me, but maybe I figured I was invincible. I kept thinking that it couldn’t be that bad. Sunday started my low/no-carb days, and I continued to feel strong. I had just finished my first photo shoot the day before with Coach A., and then Sunday brought more fun with Pro-Bodybuilders coming to critique all the work that I’d done–my physique! I was high on life heading into this final week, but it wasn’t until today (my third no-carb day) that I want to crawl under a table and start crying. I haven’t decided whether it’s my hectic schedule with work and two final exams, or if it’s just the food–but man do I feel weak and overwhelmed. I keep hearing people cheer me on, telling me that it’ll all be worth it, but it wasn’t until my close friend Missy told me a story about swimming 100 100s.

While she was in high school, her coach made her do 100 100m sprints nonstop. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and she had to do each 100 in 1:20. Now 1:20 is a pretty fast pace to do 100 100s in so it was very difficult. At first, it was okay and she began to get into the groove, but when she started to get into the 30s she was falling fast. She had only ate three crackers that morning before practice because she could only swim on an empty stomach. Feeling like complete sh!t, she kept going. All she had to do to quit was touch the wall at 1:21–the feat wasn’t going to win her a prize or make her a BIG DEAL, but it was a personal goal for her! So admidst all of the pain, tears, hard work, she kept pushing through, repeating “this is only temporary.” Today she still remembers the moment she finished the 100th 100.

With that…just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


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