Fit For 24

I had such a wonderful birthday celebration with my parents. I left work early and caught a matinee showing of End of Watch. It was definitely meant to be because the list that is recited in the movie of the girls Jake Gyllenhaal was sleeping with included MY name–haha, oh boy. After the movie, family friends and I hobbled, ran, stepped, and limped all the way up Koko Head. The view is spectacular and the hike is short and intense.

Obviously had to get a birthday kiss!

Since my birthday needed to be a little extra special…I mean I am 24 and all. We headed to Nordstrom’s Bistro to celebrate with a decked out salad and my “Zucchini” birthday cake–my parents think of everything!

About two weeks ago I did an “Outrigger Canoe Club” Gym photo shoot for the photo contest my mom is entering. It was a high carb day and I was definitely a happy camper. I’ve come a long way since my last competition! I’m already proud of where I have come from 🙂 These will be the last photos I will post before my competition…I already look much different! Tune in for my competition results on October 20, 2012 or better yet, come watch at the Sheraton Waikiki. You can buy tickets at


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