A Numbers Game

At the end of the day part of this journey is solely a numbers game. How many calories I took in, how many calories I burned, how many were delicious fats, starchy carbs, muscle-building protein, and how many I’d like to pretend I never had. Yes, I have those days too! To help keep on track I use a food tracking app on my smartphone called MyFitnessPal. There are many calorie counting apps out there, but what I like about this app in particular is that it brings together calorie tracking with your own personal support group. You can add friends and cheer them on as you both reach your own health and fitness goals. Now, obviously being a supportive friend is important, but lets just take a second and talk about accountability! Hey, hey, we all need to stay accountable and when you know your best friend is taking a look at what you put in your mouth each day, you may want to take a step away from that extra cookie. (And if you’re in the middle of eating that cookie right now…just put it down…yes, PUT THE COOKIE DOWN–I promise, you’ll thank me later!) Accountability is the key to success, but more important is the accountability to yourself. We all want to succeed and apps like these make it easier to stay on track and stay motivated. Although I am a big promoter of the smartphone food trackers, you don’t need an iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid to help you reach your goals. You can actually access these same sites on the internet…and “old” case scenario, you can take a pen and paper and jot it all down like we did in the 1980s (obviously, I asked my mom).

To help me stay accountable and to make my journey as transparent as possible you can follow my diet at:http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/raquelguss. I know with a support group that includes each one of you, I’ll work extra hard to set a good example and not have many (or hopefully any) slip ups. To start, I won’t even buy the cookies!

Please feel free to follow me, or even join me at http://www.myfitnesspal.com. We can motivate each other while we reach both of our goals!

If you have any healthy recipes that you’d like to share please pass them along. I love trying new things, and I’m sure everyone would like a healthy recipe to add to their repertoire! If I can’t incorporate the recipe into my current diet, be sure that I’ll be diving into it as soon as my competition is over.

103 days and counting…